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6/14/17 Maryjane Report

Hello 420, Maryjane advocates,

Help me on this one…

I think we should be focusing on ‘un-criminalization” rather than “legalization”. Legalization is the ‘allowance’ and control by government for a free people to avoid incarceration. No thanks, a Maryjane free-market is the goal. The ability to grow in your home for yourself, for others, as a business, free to buy, sell to whomever you choose and how ever we see fit.

-Thought for the day
Thanks, Chris

Onto today's news...

HERE, govt crimes against humanity, these same entities (whom have reaped rewards from this plant's synthetic competition) seek to control the 'legalization' of Maryjane...don't think so.

From my twitter...
More news...

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S.F. Could Soon Have Office of Cannabis

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Twisted and anti Maryjane news today...

I've documented Trinity Mirror(one of the many HERE) publications demonizing Maryjane any chance they get HERE.

HERE'S one of their publications with a sympathetic, pedophile title story??? Also mentioning he was arrested for Cannabis, they had to throw that in. And another Trinity Mirror owned publication Cannabis arrest story(HERE) today.

Sick and sad.

Onward in the fight.