Wednesday, January 18, 2017

#MaryJaneReport on #MorningMonarchy

1st Monthly Report w/Media Monarchy

4200 J's To Be Given Out in DC Inauguration Day
And, the significance of Dupont Circle...

2) Banks may 'allow' Cannabis shops to utilize their services. While at first this sounded like a good idea, I thought about it and feel there's an underlying agenda involved. Led by Elizabeth Warren, this (to me) is disguised as 'compassionate' and liberal doing the Green Rush a favor when this works to be hugely beneficial for the money changers and their cashless push. Rightfully so, just practicing some skepticism here. Granted, there are security issues dealing with cash only at these dispensaries.

Also, she was against auditing, the "Money Changers" themselves... the federal reserve:

Fav strains...
Cannatonic  Grape Ape

Monday, January 2, 2017

Maryjane Report 1/2/17

In addition today, I offer a rant.

Cannabis/Hemp is a fight for freedom of choice, to have and grow your own medicine and products. This runs against most govt policies and the centralized, large institutions that pull their strings.

Maryjane freedom is a macrocosm that parallels many other similar, pertinent, issues and is the people's representation of the uprising against our, current, corrupt system.

So, it's been 5 years since I watched TV, seeing it again now, it's 100 times worse. Between the commercials for big pharm, toxic-chemical food & products, 'build your credit score', the pain-stream-propaganda news and most TV shows, it's like living in the movie "Idiocrasy".

I get it, the world is far from perfect, TV being a reflection of this, but there's massive room for improvement here.

The centralized power given to the 'money changers', banking institutions etc., privately controlling our money supply have become a beast of a monopoly. Their tentacles spread through all facets of our lives via big pharm, agriculture, the war industrial complex and big media.

As long as there's the ability to borrow money from these institutions to purchase cars/houses/TV's etc., we will continue to feed the incremental inflation, the collusion with our govt and the growth of the burgeoning corruption.

We can curb this by trying our best to only purchase things we can afford and stop borrowing from the aforementioned power structure. This can, likely, help set a free market back in control bringing inflated prices in better alignment with pay wages and helping freedom movements like Cannabis/Hemp, flourish.

I've seen enough mainstream, govt sponsored, news propaganda,  pharmaceutical, GE food, toxic product and 'credit score' commercials for 10 lifetimes thank you.

This 'Green Rush' movement is part of the peaceful revolution occurring that address' this in a big way. Big industries have all owned our govt to shut down Maryjane long enough. The MJ ball is rolling here and they can't stop it. 

Keep fighting the peaceful fight for freedom.