Wednesday, January 18, 2017

#MaryJaneReport on #MorningMonarchy

1st Monthly Report w/Media Monarchy

4200 J's To Be Given Out in DC Inauguration Day
And, the significance of Dupont Circle...

2) Banks may 'allow' Cannabis shops to utilize their services. While at first this sounded like a good idea, I thought about it and feel there's an underlying agenda involved. Led by Elizabeth Warren, this (to me) is disguised as 'compassionate' and liberal doing the Green Rush a favor when this works to be hugely beneficial for the money changers and their cashless push. Rightfully so, just practicing some skepticism here. Granted, there are security issues dealing with cash only at these dispensaries.

Also, she was against auditing, the "Money Changers" themselves... the federal reserve:

Fav strains...
Cannatonic  Grape Ape

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